News to the Pews

News to the Pews

The Kirk Session met on Tuesday 20th August and was moderated by the Interim Moderator the Rev. Scott Blythe.

It was agreed that the Church will retain the present Manse.  As previously intimated another House had been considered but some concerns were raised regarding the roadway and drainage and it was decided not to pursue the purchase.  It was agreed that we would seek to rent the manse on a 6 month lease in the first instance.

As yet no applications have been received by the Nominating Committee.  The Interim moderator advised that this is not a matter of concern at this time of the year.

Kirk Session was advised that Sheila and Graham Blount will resign as Locums as of December for reasons of health.  Kirk Session were extremely sorry to hear this.  The Interim Moderator indicated that he would speak with the Presbytery Clerk and would seek to replace the 40% of the locum which they represented as Kirk Session would wish to retain the services of the Rev. Tom Nelson if possible.

Nicola O’Connor was confirmed as Leader of the Sunday Clubs and Kirsty Stewart as Captain of Girls’ Brigade.

Visits to Organisations will be reinstated and a list of Elders for each Youth and Adult Organisation will be presented to Kirk Session in September.

It is intended to appoint new Elders. If you think of anyone you might wish to suggest as an Elder please submit the name to the Clerk no later than Sunday 8th September.  Please do not speak to the person you are suggesting.  The Interim Moderator has agreed to conduct some training.

A Communications Team has been formed to oversee the Web, Facebook and the Newsletter.  The team will be Colin Fell, Fraser Hamilton & Susan Young.

Safeguarding Training is recommended and is available on 4 occasions between October 2019 and March 2020.  Please see Anne Scott for further information if you are interested in being trained.

St Rollox Church in Glasgow is in an APT and does considerable work with Refugees in that area.  The Church has been the subject of Compulsory purchase – for the second time in their recent history.  They have a new building but are given no funding for furnishings.

The Finance Team and Kirk Session have agreed a donation of £10K from the Consolidated Fabric Fund.  As has previously been intimated we cannot use this for routine expenses, it can only be used for major Fabric Projects such as our new entrance.