Thought of the Day


‘Don’t worry when you are not recognised,
but strive to be worthy of recognition.’

Abraham Lincoln

An American soldier, based in Sweden, was spending the day in Stockholm. Travelling across town on a bus he fell into conversation with the man sitting next to him. The man correctly identified him as an American and they got talking about the soldier’s home country. The soldier expounded his pride in his nation, especially the value of American citizenship. ‘The US,’ he proclaimed, ‘is the most democratic country in the world. Ordinary citizens may go to the White House to see the President and personally discuss things with him.’

The man listened intently, and when he had the opportunity to interject offered, ‘Sir. I am delighted with that. But it is nothing to what we have here. For in Sweden, the King and the people travel on the same bus.’ With that, the man rose to leave the bus as it arrived at his stop. The soldier was left somewhat bemused, but everything was clarified when the man sitting behind him leaned forward and informed him that he had just been talking with King Gustav Adolf VI of Sweden.

You never know who you might be sitting beside or whom you might be called upon to help. Perhaps we might begin by recognising our own humanity, and our own needs, in every stranger we meet.

A Prayer for Today

God, grant me the wisdom to be what I need to be as one of his children.
God, grant me the humility to give what I can to serve others.
God, grant me the insight to recognise your love in action.
God, grant me your blessing as I journey with you today.

Adapted from “Look Well to This Day” ©Tom Gordon –