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COVID Memorial Service: 31 October 2021

The Remembering Banner inside the church

A special community memorial service is being held in Cambuslang to remember all those who have died during the COVID-19 pandemic.

People of faith and none are encouraged to attend Cambuslang Parish Church on Sunday the 31st of October at 3pm to pay their respects to those whose deaths were linked to the disease and other causes.

The names of loved ones who passed away between now and March last year will be read out during prayers and written on a special “Remembering Banner”.

Rev Peter Nimmo, minister of Cambuslang Parish Church, said many bereaved families were unable to hold the type of funerals that they hoped to have due to lockdown restrictions.

He said he could personally relate because his beloved mother, Mary, of Bonhill in Dunbartonshire, died of a stroke in April, 2020 at the beginning of the first lockdown when he was living in Inverness.

Mr Nimmo, who began his ministry in Cambuslang in June last year, said: “Since COVID-19 arrived in Scotland, many people have died or suffered serious illness.

“The lockdown from March last year brought the closure of churches and restrictions on gatherings of all kinds, including funerals.

“During that time, many of us lost loved ones but did not have the opportunity to say goodbye to them in the way we wanted to.

“Many deaths were unexpected and premature.”

Mr Nimmo said church members are writing to the families of people whose funerals were conducted by representatives of Cambuslang Parish Church.

“We are inviting them to the service and will extend the invitation to the wider community to join us in remembering anyone who died of any cause during this time,” he added.

If anyone would like their friend or relative’s name mentioned during the service, they should contact the church office at 0141 642 9271 or email ku.gro.hcruhchsirapgnalsubmacnull@eciffo.

(Many thanks to the Church of Scotland Comms Team for help in preparing this press release).