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Easter Sunday

The service is led by Rev Tom Nelson, our Locum Minister at Cambuslang Parish Church.

The music this week has been provided by the Music Group.

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Reverend Tom Nelson

Sermon Notes

Everything changes

There have been special moments in history when something happened to change the course of history, to change the way we do things and look at life.

Printing press

Invented in Germany by Johannes Guttenberg 1440

Books could be made, people could learn. Bible was first book ever printed. Now we can all read, and we could not do without books.

Motor Cars – Internal combustion engine Nikolaus Otto Germany 1850

Electric light bulbs Thomas Edison invented this around 1878

Television John Logie Baird, son of a minister from Helensburgh in Scotland. Invented TV sets as we know them in 1926.

Space travel

Neil Armstong first man on the moon July 1969. Where would we be without Satnav?

Computers – internet invented 1983 World Wide Web invented 2013

Mobile phones

These are inventions that shape our world we can hardly imaging doing without them today.

On Easter Sunday We Celebrate That God Did Something That Changed the World.

When He raised Jesus from the dead.

It changed the way people looked at God. Instead of being distant and cruel or judgemental. Someone you had to please. Easter shows us that God loves the world through Jesus.

Death was overcome. Death where is thy victory?

Now people could have eternal live.

Not only so, people could live believing in Jesus walking with them as a living God. His spirit within giving them strength and love to live life to the full here too! Created a whole new way of looking at life and indeed death.

Jesus promised that whoever put their trust in Him, whoever believed in him, whoever followed him, there would be a totally different outlook on this life and the next. It was a game changer. Life would never be the same again.

Peter knew this all too well. He had denied Jesus, he’d let Jesus down, he didn’t speak up for Jesus, didn’t even want to admit that he was a friend of Jesus when Jesus was arrested. He let Jesus down. Peter of all people had a lot to be ashamed of, but he understood that Jesus forgave Peter. Jesus took the sins of the world on himself at the cross including Peter’s. Peter was overjoyed. He knew what forgiveness was.

So today we can have a totally different outlook in life because of Easter day. We are a people who live by faith in Jesus Christ to forgive us and we are a people who know the love of God which inspires us to love our neighbours. We are a people with a different outlook in life because we have hope in a better life here and into eternity. There is nothing to fear. Jesus is risen from the dead and he offers new life to each and every one of us. Hope and a future.

I’m a great fan if modern hymn writers Stuart Townend, and Keith and Kirsten Getty. You will know Stuart’s version of the 23rd psalm with the refrain to trust in Him alone.

Stuart has another song, “There is a hope” in it there is a powerful line which has meant so much to me over the years,

There is a hope that stand the test of time, that gives us strength for every passing day. Easter Sunday is not just a commemoration of the past, but means of strength for daily living today.

Stuart Townend

The year 2020 will be remembered for the worldwide pandemic of the coronavirus. How a tiny virus, invisible to the naked eye could spread so rapidly across the entire world bringing life as we know it to a standstill.

Life will never be the same and there will be many lessons to learn but I expect, and we’ve seen already, how attitudes have changed.

  1. We realise the value of taking time to rest and spend time with family at home.
  2. Do we need to travel so much?
  3. Rest for the environment with less pollution.
  4. Realise how important NHS is, and erstwhile lesser jobs such as cleaners, drivers suddenly become front line workers.
  5. Importance of looking after our elderly often in lonely isolation

On this unusual Easter Day hold fast to the hope that Jesus gave us that first resurrection morning. It was a pivotal moment in history.

He gave the world hope, promise of new beginnings, hope of forgiveness from the past and so much more.

Trust in the Saviour today and meet the challenges with confidence.

Everything changes still when we invite Jesus to dwell in our hearts.

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