1. The Minister will return from holiday on Wednesday 26 th July. If you have any pastoral requests during that time please be in touch with our Deacon, Mrs. Karen Hamilton
  2. David Maxwell our OLM will be on holiday until 31 st July,2017
  3. Summer Sunday School: Over the summer months there will be activities laid on for children who come along to Church. The activities have been organised by Karen, but we require at least 2 people to do them. They are all easy and fun. There is a list in the vestibule of the church. If you can help please put your name on the list.
  4. Holiday Club: There are flyers on the vestibule table about this year’s Holiday Club “Seaside Rock”. Please take some leaflets and distribute to children in the family and those who live near you together with Flyers for TDT 2017 for those in S1-S4.
  5. Fellowship Gatherings: It was good to meet with members of the congregation through April and May, to share in Fellowship and to hear your thoughts about the Church. The Minister has now gathered together all the things that were recorded at the meetings, and these are on display in the large hall and at the back of the Church. Kirk Session will use these to set priorities for our work in the coming session. There are two sheets, one for the things that we do well, and the other for things that we could do better.

    We now invite everyone who is part of the congregation to use two small green stickers to indicate the things they most appreciate from the list, and two small red stickers to indicate the things they would most like to address from the list of things we could do better. This will help us in our planning.

    The sheets will be displayed for the whole of the month of July, and we will reflect your priorities in our worship on Sunday 13 th August. Thanks once again to the team who organised the Fellowship Gatherings, and to everyone who supported them by their presence, by helping set up and serve by providing baking, etc.,

  6. If you know of anyone who is ill, or in hospital or requires a Pastoral visit, please
    contact Margaret Black
  7. Please note that the Service on Sunday 6 th August, 2017 will be a Holiday Club
    Service which is being held in Flemington Hallside Church at There will
    be no Service in CPC on the 6 th August, 2017.